Sample Papers are Not for Cheating!

Let’s face it; writing is not everyone’s virtue. Even if your class activities are filled with writing activities, it does not mean that you will instantly get better in writing a good paper, essay or other educational writing types. However, since writing is a mandatory activity in any levels of education, you can at least learn how to write a good essay, book report and other educational writing types by studying similar papers. The problem is, you cannot always find sample papers that have similar topics or problems with your essays, book reports or personal statements, so you still have to connect between the structure of the sample papers and your own writing structure.

The solution is to get free sample papers from online sources. As more students have more activities and get more tasks, many people grab the opportunities to sell writing-related services such as custom writing service and selling sample papers from all types of writing and topics to help students with their tasks or assignments. While custom paper writing service can help students making essays or book reviews even from scratch, free sample paper service only provides samples of essays, personal statements and other educational writing for students to study.

If you want to write your own writing task but do not have enough confidence or skill to make a good writing yourself, you can study sample papers with similar topics that mimic your own topics. These websites usually allow visitors to read full sample papers for free or at least sell them with super low prices (especially to students). However, since the sample papers are mostly taken from existing papers, you cannot just copy paste the papers and present them as your original works because you will get reprimanded for plagiarism. Free sample papers only serve as helpers to help you create your own original writing based on examples.


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  4. I have ever cheted. I think this is not right.