Educational Computer Games

Computer games have always been very popular among the kids and middle school students. These students spend several hours in front of the computer playing their favorite games. We often hear complaints from the parents of these children how they lag behind in studies because of the excessive time spent playing computer games. But, what if the computer games can teach the students some study lessons along with all the entertainment? This would really be very fruitful for the students as they would not be wasting their precious time. Educational computer games available these days have the best graphics and are very entertaining and are prepared by expert developers. In the next section, let us first understand the importance of online educational computer games for high school.

Importance of Educational Games for Students

Educational computer games for middle school students can help them understand the basic concepts in a fun-filled way. We often observe that students are totally bored of attending the lectures of teachers and learning there without much practical exposure. Educational computer games will give them the much-needed recreation. However, these games cannot be a substitute for classroom learning and that the lectures and games them should be arranged as per the convenience of students and teachers.

Many of the educational PC games are thought-provoking and help students learn logical and analytical thinking effectively. Since logical thinking is required in all streams and branches of formal education, these games can prove to be very useful in the years to come. The teachers can organize educational games competitions so that the children take these games seriously. However, there are some suggestions on which educational computer games should be introduced to the kids. The games which have violence or some stuff which is harmful for the students should not be recommended at all. This is because these games will be misguiding the students instead of helping them. The teachers should check for the quality and utility of the games before they encourage the students to try them. Given in the next few paragraphs are some of the best educational computer games for children.

Ideal Educational Computer Games

Memory Games
Memory games can be the best educational computer games for kids. In this game, some geometrical shapes will appear in front of the students. After this, they will be shown a figure which is composed of many geometrical figures. The students will be given four options and asked which geometrical figure inside the shown figure was not shown to them earlier.

Puzzle Games
Puzzle games can also be a good choice for the middle school students. In this game, the students are supposed to find the number in the missing cell by finding some relation among the numbers given in other cells. This educational computer game will test the reasoning and logical thinking skills of students.

Dally Dinosaur Teaches Numbers
This game is ideal for the small kids who need to learn the counting skills. This game involves searching for matching numbers and counting objects in a given scene. This game, which is played with the drag and drop feature is very easy and helps kids love number counting.

Curious George Preschool Learning Games
This is a game for kids to develop their listening as well as critical thinking skills. The games aim at developing affinity with letters and various shape patterns for the kids. This is widely described as one of the finest educational computer games for kids.

Dragon Tales Learn & Fly with Dragons
The Dragon Tales Learn & Fly with Dragons game is actually based on a cartoon series and is the ideal one for the smaller kids. The aim of this game is to acquaint the kids with some basics of mathematics, logic, various shapes and identifying different colors. As the kid grows, the difficulty level can be increased to make it more challenging and fun-filled.

So, this was all about the educational computer games for kids which your kids can try. These games will surely benefit them if they understand the real meaning behind playing them. Good luck!

By Charlie S


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