A Warning for Prenursing Students Who Don't Want A Nursing School Rejection Letter

Failure to maintain a high GPA is a death sentence to nursing school applicants. Imagine working so hard to complete the rigorous science prerequisites to then be ineligible to apply to school because of a low GPA. Prenursing students must learn what the GPA requirements are for their nursing program of their dreams and must work to make the achievement of that GPA a reality.

Many nursing schools are impacted. This means that the school receives many more applications than it has space for. In some areas, the schools adapt a waiting list method to resolve this problem. It isn't unusual for an applicant to wait 2-4 years before being admitted to schools with a waiting list. In other areas, nursing schools utilize a random lottery system to select applicants each year. Prenursing students who apply to a nursing school with a lottery system might be admitted the first year they apply, or they might apply year after year without being admitted.

Other schools use a point or merit system of admissions. Merit based systems may take into consideration GPA solely. Alternatively, they may use multiple criteria, including the GPA, to determine whether a candidate may apply. It is important for a prenursing student to find out what criteria the nursing school of her choice considers, before applying to the college. This will give the hopeful student the highest chance of being admitted.

In many areas, schools of nursing have GPA minimums, usually around a 3.0. This means that, when considering all of the classes required to apply, the GPA averages to a B. Some schools take into account only the prenursing sciences and non-sciences, while other colleges take the last 60 college credits completed into account.

Maintenance of a high nursing GPA is simple with the right tools. Nursing students come from all walks of life and may or may not know how to study effectively. The science prerequisite classes that prenursing students have to take are as intense as pre-medicine classes. Achievement of a high nursing GPA is easy for students who know what to do and commit to that process.

Of all the things that are necessary to maintain a high GPA, the allowance sufficient time to study is among the most important. Adequate study time is critical to the success of prenursing students. Some classes require lots of study time, while others do not.

Prenursing students must study efficiently in order to maintain a high GPA. These students must learn effective methods of memorization. They must also learn to critically analyze information and link different concepts.

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