Great Websites for Kids

There are many great websites for kids on the Internet which propagate information about science and many other subjects. Some of these websites allow to learn the different educational topics in a fun way. The following article describes some of the important kids websites and enlists few others.

List of Great Websites for Kids

The list of best websites for kids can be found in the paragraphs below. These are not just educational sites, but also those which provide the kids with some entertainment. However, it must be noted that there are few social networking sites meant for kids and considered to be safe. Here are some great websites for kids reading.

Fun Brain
The 'Fun Brain' is an educational-cum-entertainment site for kids. Providing education to kids through interactive games is one of the main features of this website. 'Math Baseball' and 'Grammar Gorillas' are the examples of these games. Blogs written by children can be found on this website. Kids can therefore, be able to read what other children of their age have to say/express. Parents and teachers can also make use of this website since it provides the users with quizzes and supplements.

This website is meant for entertainment and fun. The different elements of this website include games, projects, weird facts, magic tricks, etc. The weird Science section of Funology should provide the readers with fun-to-do experiments. The experiments included in this section cover a variety of topics like physics, chemistry, biology, etc. One can even find recipes on this website; children should be able to learn about different recipes in an easy-to-understand manner. It amongst the fun websites for kids which allow them to enjoy and also learn the different concepts of science.

Yahoo! Kids
The Yahoo! Kids is a website which offers the readers with information and other means of entertainment. This website provides the users with a variety of features like movies, jokes, music, e-cards, horoscopes, etc. Reference materials and information on animals can be found in the StudyZone of this website. A search meant for children is one of the specialties of Yahoo! Kids. The links that are appropriate for kids get displayed on the pages of search results.

United Nations Cyberschoolbus
This is more of an educational site and is not just meant for entertainment. The subjects/topics that are dealt with on the website should make the kids aware of social and political changes in the world. One can obtain information in 6 different languages on this website. The different sections of this website deal with information pertaining to peace, poverty, arms, discrimination and similar subjects.

The Whyville is basically an educational website which provides information on a variety of subjects. Different topics included in this educational site range from importance of healthy diet to managing/saving money. Guidelines on the topic of online safety are also provided to the user. Inappropriate chatting is not entertained on this site. There is a test which need to be passed before a child gets his/her 'chat license'. Children can play games, write and also start their business with the help of this website.

It is a social networking site meant for kids; the Imbee is therefore, amongst the great websites for kids which allows them to get used to the online world in a safe way. Parents can approve the user account of their kids. In order to open an account, credit details need to be provided by parents. The user is charged a fee of $1 and it is immediately refunded. The basic idea behind charging and refunding is that a responsible person takes part in the process of opening a social networking account for kids.

National Geographic Kids
It is amongst the many websites for kids to learn, play and have fun. The National Geographic Kids is said to be the online version of the magazine with same name. The different sections like Activities, Animals, Places, People, etc provide kids with lots of information and interesting stuff.

Starfall This website is suitable for those interested in reading. There is a great variety in the literacy activities presented on this website. The 'Starfall' website is meant for both beginners and advanced readers. The audio and graphic features make this website interesting for kids.

Craftown This website is a great resource for those interested in painting, beading, cross stitching, quilting, etc. Different patterns of these artworks can be found on this website. Kids learn a lot from such websites.

Math Websites for Kids

A short list of some educational websites for kids on the topic of mathematics are presented below.

  •     EasyMaths
  •     MathsCats
  •     FigureThis
  •     Cool Math
  •     AAAMath
  •     MathForum
  •     MathLeague
  •     FunBrain
  •     FleetKids

Science Websites for Kids

There are many sources on the Internet that help children learn the different concepts of science in an easy-to-understand manner. Few of these websites can be found below.
  •     KidsAstronomy
  •     NationalAtlas
  •     SeaWorld
  •     EnergyQuest
  •     DiscoveryEducation
  •     Classroom
  •     ScienceNewsForKids

The online educational sources for kids provide information about different subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, maths, etc. The games on these websites make the learning process interactive. Even the difficult topics can be understood easily with the help of these games and other resources.

By Shashank Nakate


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